1. How can I get My SO to Cuck Me?

  2. What is the “Right Way” to Cuckold?
    • Relax… there is no wrong way to do it other than wannabe cuckolds who try to force their girls into it for their pleasure. Other than that there are no hard & true rules with Cuckolds & their Hotwives.

      You don’t have to be into humiliation or even be submissive to enjoy it. The Cuckold fetish exists on a continuum from Stag-led MFM threesomes & gangbangs at one end to a Cuckoldress sissifying her “beta” cuck on the other end. The reality is most couples are somewhere in the middle, as in most things in life with humans.

      What you currently see in Porn as “Cuckolding” is rarely realistic. There is nothing wrong with Chastity Cages, Denial, Humiliation, Cock Worship, Cum Cleanup Duties, or anything else people are interested in but it is presented like all cucks are into all of that and it’s just not accurate.

  3. What Am I? (AKA I had no idea there was so much to this!)
    • Check the Glossary Below & Click the links for more info.


  • Cuckold: A Man whose Partner sleeps with Others with his consent. There is a large spectrum that ranges from Stag’s on one end to Permanent Chastity/Denial Sissified “beta” Cucks on the other. Most Cuckolds are somewhere in the middle and every Cuckold & Hotwife dynamic is different which is why Honest & Open Communication is the key to this lifestyle. If he identifies as a Cuckold he is submissive to his Hotwife or Cuckoldress. She is going to run the show, but if you are into Humiliation/degradation it’s generally more playful than dominating

    • Stag (AKA Alpha-Cuck): Has a Neutral (Hotwife) or Dominant (Vixen) power dynamic with his partner, but it is still a female-focused relationship (I.E. Not a Male Dom gifting his sub/slave for use to others for pleasure). Not into degradation at all. May play with subtle Humiliation, Denial, or Chastity but generally maintains more control than a Cuckold in those situations.

    • Sissy Cuck: The Opposite end of the spectrum from a Stag, generally enjoys more extreme Cuckolding behaviors such as Sissification, Cross Dressing, Small Penis Humiliation, & Long Term Chastity or Denial.

  • Hotwife: A taken woman who sleeps with other men with the consent of her partner. May prefer to Lead or Be Lead in the Process. More often than not their Cuckold partners introduce them to the lifestyle but some do find it on their own and bring it into their partner’s lives.

    Some prefer Threesomes with their partner participating, some want their partner there just to watch or maybe clean up or help facilitate, while others prefer to always be 1 on 1 with the bull, maybe sharing Live, Videos, Audio, Pics, Stories or maybe leaving it all to their partner’s imagination.

    Some Prefer to make most of the Decisions, Some leave many or all of them up to their Bulls (within their Partners limits). May enjoy Humiliation or even light Degradation but it’s generally more playful than dominating.

    May prefer One Night Stands, FWBs, or even BF level relationships with their Bull(s) which can lead to discussions of Fully. May prefer a single Bull at a time or to have a stable to prevent an emotional attachment from developing.

    • Vixen: A Submissive Hotwife who primarily enjoys being shared for her partner’s pleasure like a trophy as well as her own pleasure.

    • Cuckoldress: A Hotwife who Gets off on Dominating her Cuck, either directly, through her lovers, or more likely both. Possibly just the bedroom but possibly 24/7 Female Led Relationship as well. Chastity, Orgasm Control & Denial, Humiliation, Degradation. Possibly his Mistress/Domme in a BDSM dynamic as well.

  • Bull: A Man who sleeps with Hotwives. A REAL Bull knows how to handle himself In AND Out of the bedroom. He will be respectful of the Primary Relationship and the rules set forth by the couple. He may push on boundaries but should not cross them unless that has been consented to prior. He knows it is as much about the Cuckold as it is about the Hotwife, as either can pull the plug at any time if it is a healthy relationship. He knows his value and he is Not just what’s between his legs. He is there to enhance their relationship and quality of life as well as his own.

    • “bull” (AKA Fuck Boy): – Selfish Jackass and/or 2 Pump chump claiming to be a Bull for a chance to disappoint your Goddess. Often pushy and lacking respect thinking they understand the dynamic because in their head being aggressive is the same as being dominant, which ironically is still not something ALL women want. Avoid at all costs, nothing special.

  • Cuckquean: Female Cuckold

    • Cuckqueen: Female Stag

  • Cuckcake: Female Bull

  • HotHusband: Male Hotwife

LifeStyle Terms

MFM – a 2 Male + 1 Female threesome where both Males are focused on the female and any contact between males is non-sexual or incidental.

MMF – a 2 Male + 1 Female threesome where bi-sexual contact is implied.

FMF– a 2 Female + 1 Male threesome where both Males are focused on the female and any contact between males is non-sexual or incidental.

FFM – a 2 Female + 1 Male threesome where bi-sexual contact is implied.


Cleanup Duty – The often implied service activity where a cuckold cleans up his Hotwife after she has received the bulls sperm, wherever it is.




BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Sadism, Masochism) – The common acronym for those who participate in power & control dynamics and/or deriving pleasure from delivering or receiving physical, emotional or mental “punishment”.

Topping from the Bottom

Double Penetration (DP) – A Female simultaneously receiving one penis or toy in her vagina and another in her anus.

Airtight / Triple Penetration – A Female simultaneously receiving one penis or toy in her vagina, one in her anus & one in her mouth.


PiV – abbrev. for Penis in Vagina, usually used as a reference to denial of PiV Sex for a cuckold, where only her Bull is allowed inside her.


Compulsory Monogamy – The social mandate that everyone, and especially women, must be in a monogamous relationship in order to be considered a morally upstanding adult.

As the root of polyphobia, compulsory monogamy is embedded in norms, laws, and institutions. Single people who do not want to be in any romantic relationship or non-monogamous people who want to be in multiple sexual relationships are punished for their failure to live up to social expectations of compulsory monogamy. 

Compulsory monogamy is an accurate comparison to compulsory heterosexuality because they are both institutionalized.  [ SOURCE ]

Heteronormativity – the belief that heterosexuality is the default, preferred, or normal mode of sexual orientation. It assumes that sexual & marital relations are most fitting between people of opposite sex.

Heteroflexibility – a form of a sexual orientation or situational sexual behavior characterized by minimal homosexual activity in an otherwise primarily heterosexual orientation, which may or may not distinguish it from bisexuality. It has been characterized as “mostly straight”.