I was originally going to call this “How to get my SO to Cuckold Me”, so if you followed a Link that said exactly that, YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE.

FIRST, Lets fix the question. “How can I encourage my GF/Wife to Participate in my Cuckolding fetish in a Healthy Way”. There we Go. This isn’t about Manipulating or Coercing her for his Pleasure. That is Making it all about You and Not here. In BDSM Speak that is called topping from the bottom and is not a good fit for a healthy Female Led (Hotwife & Cuckold) or Female Focused (Stag & Vixen) Relationship. Trying to Drag your Partner into this Unwillingly or WORSE, Unknowingly is no better than Cheating. You are Removing your partner’s Sexual Agency.

THAT SAID, You should want to share your desires with your partner, even if the conversation can make one or both of you uncomfortable. Heres How:

(1) Be Honest about your interests, why it interests you, and what an ideal Cuckolding arrangement looks like to You… THEN LISTEN.

(2) Reassure Her that this isn’t about you sleeping with other women. A lot of men really enjoy their partner’s sexual freedom. On top of being sexy, it can be a release of pressure to please her in a way that you may struggle with, or it may just be about variety.

(3) Let Her know She is in Charge & that this will only happen if she wants it to. but that it will only make you cherish and desire her more. That you understand that may seem weird to her, and that you don’t expect her to completely understand, but that you’d love to show her if and when she is ready. Let her know you will answer any questions about it honestly and happily take baby steps towards finding her comfort zones. And make sure she knows that if she gets to any point where she wants to back up, or stop altogether, you will do so immediately and drop it.

(4) Sit Back, Don’t bring it up anymore. Flirt. Compliment her. Tell her how sexy she looks. IF SHE ENJOYS IT, you can point out when other men look at her, etc, but if it makes her uncomfortable or self-conscious at all, back the F off.

(5) Never forget this is The Woman You Love and care about, not just a sex object … even if sshe’s,hes the hottest thing on the planet to you. This is about Your adventure together, not just you getting what you want. You can do everything “perfect” and it may just not be for her. At that point you can decide if this is a need or just a fantasy you can live without, but don’t put that on her in the form of pressure, that on you to figure out.

(6,7,8,…) Communicate, Communicate, Communicate !!!

* I considered writing this section Gender Neutral but since 99/100 times this question is being asked by a Male Cuckold or Stag this made more sense. You can easily switch the gender pronouns to whatever works for your specific relationship, but generally, Men don’t need much convincing and women looking for men to cuck them are fairly rare, to begin with. *