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Our First Time

A True Story by /u/CuckedTurtle

This is my version of the events that happened on Jan 16th 2021.

We have talked about and roleplayed cucking many times. We had started to try it once and then due to life backed off a little, started to try again and backed off. We hadn’t really been talking about it and then one day we are talking about sex and I can’t even remember how we got there but she says something like “I want to do the cuckold thing, so find a co-worker you want me to fuck”. Now guys and gals, this whole idea comes from my innocent reserved wife, none of this was my idea. Yes everyone it was my wife’s desires that brought on cuckolding and not the husbands this time.

I had just started a new job so I didn’t know many people. We are also still in COVID so everyone I see at work has a mask and I have no clue what my wife’s type is, just figured physically I’m not what she would be looking for. I tell my wife, because I don’t really want to find another man to fuck her, “babe I just kinda started here, I don’t know anyone”, she responds “well you better hurry up and meet a new friend”.

During this time we are looking for a true bull and one night I’m fucking around on Reddit. I was searching our area for cuck subs or hotwife subs or bull sub, but I was looking specifically for groups to have a better chance of finding a bull. In my search I found a post from a city 2 hours away and a comment on there said “damn too far away.” He then put the name of the city, the name of our city. Hmm what should I do. Fuck it I sent him a message. “Saw you comment about a bull in the r/cuckoldpersonals and it prompted me to message you. My wife and I are looking for a bull for her. Would that be something that would interest you?” Shortly after I get a reply and it was simple “I am very interested. I have been a bull before. I enjoy it.” And just like that we had a potential bull. I talked to him for a little bit to feel him out. Very nice and respectful guy. I decided I was gonna tell my wife about him and then I found out that he’s 55. That’s 10 years past the cut off age my wife had set. I decided i would just tell her about him and let her decide. I told her and I said but there’s one bad thing, he’s older. She wasn’t sure at first but finally decided she would talk to him and feel him out. I sent her his Snapchat info.

They talked for a little bit, her and I talked for a little bit. Everything seemed to be cool and easy going with them so I asked what she thought. She said “Yeah I want to.” I said “have you talked to him about when?” It was a few minutes later that I got a message back from her “My head is too messed up right now, you’re gonna have to take care of that.” Ok, I see we’re back at this again. How bad could it be right? He says yes he wants to but we have a hard time setting a date, this will be fine. We exchange a few messages and I get back one that says “I am free all weekend, what’s good for you?” I don’t know why but that message rocked me. This weekend was 2 days away, well I mean I work Saturday so Sunday would work and that was 2 days away. I check with my wife to see if Sunday would work. She was ok with that date, so I messaged T (guess we will give him a name of sorts, he’s earned it) and I said. “I have to work until 430 Saturday so Sunday would work good for us.” He responds with “I’m available after 430.” Boom rocked again. This is officially the most humiliated I have ever been and I’m rock hard. I asked the wife, she was ok with that. I set it up and now the date has officially moved up a week and that’s tomorrow. FUCK THATS TOMORROW!

Guys the next 24 hours was a fucking roller coaster ride. The whole 24 hours my stomach was flipping and flopping so much. I was in a constant state of arousal. I got home from work and got dinner. The wife and I discussed the events of the day. Between her being aroused and thinking she had worked herself into a headache. We have our 420 medical cards but the 420 wasn’t touching it. We stopped talking and I rubbed her head for a bit and then we went to bed. Next morning I woke up and started getting ready for work.

I get out of the shower and head to the bedroom and found my wife was awake and she had laid out my underwear. I black pair of thong panties and a pair of boxers. Nothing was said, we both knew she wanted to torment my ass all day long. She knew every time I felt the thong rub on my asshole I would instantly be aroused and think about her and him fucking shortly after I got off work. But then about 1130 she got a debilitating headache. I figured everything was done and we would have to reschedule. What I didn’t know is my sister noticed my wife’s pain and was talking to her and went and got some of her weed to see if that helped the wife’s head better since it was a different strain. My wife smoked a joint and took one of her pain pills and laid down for a bit. I shut down all my excitement and arousal immediately. It got a message a short time later “gonna smoke again and shower and I will let you know.”

I’m just working away. Haven’t gotten a message in over 30 minutes. I figured I was going to have to message T and reschedule. But my mind kept saying “I really hope he understands and is cool. I don’t want to lose this opportunity.” But let’s be honest. My wife’s health is more important than this dude. He don’t understand then he don’t deserve my wife. I then got a message from my wife “getting dressed”. I asked her how she was feeling and she said way better. I was happy and relieved. I then asked if we are still going and when she replied yes. And just like that the stomach started flip flopping again. I looked at the clock. 3 pm, I get off at 430. Fuck that’s only an hour and a half. That next hour and a half was the slowest fastest emotional roller coaster ever!! The first 20 minutes dragged then I blinked and it was 439 lol. As I walk to the elevator at work my stomach is doing that thing more. The elevator stops at the ground floor and my stomach decides it can do it’s thing even more. Then I see my wife, if my stomach could have exploded it would have. I have played sports all of my youth and never once I have had butterflies anywhere close to this.

We drove to where we were gonna meet him and he meets us in the parking lot. I have not seen this guy or a picture until now. He wasn’t as tall as I had imagined. But he was respectful and nice. He looks at my wife and says “want to hang out or go back to my place?” Now we were meeting him at a very public place, but my wife had worn short shorts and no panties. I should have expected her answer but it still hit me very hard as she says “your place is fine.” Now not only is my stomach still messed up but I have a lump in my throat, and I feel like I’m about to start sweating even though it’s only 45 out. He tells us where he lives and points out his car so we can follow him. I’m not gonna lie I don’t remember what is anything was said for the first 2 minutes in the car but I do remember pointing out his place to her and she realized how close we were. I could see her nerves increase. She was trying to smoke a joint to calm down but she wasn’t gonna get to smoke the whole thing.

We pulled up to his place and parked next to him and get out of the car to walk into his place. I have the need to touch my wife, so I reach up and scratch her lower back knowing what that does to her! She swatted my hand away. We get inside and sit down in his living room. T can tell my wife is nervous and so there is some small talk for my 10 minutes and he looks at her and says “you still nervous” she giggles a little and just says “yes”. He asks her if he can do anything to help with the nerves and she’s looking at him smiling, she hasn’t really stopped smiling since we got there due to nerves. You can tell she is about to open her mouth and say something and that’s when it happened. Without any warning at all he leans in a kisses my wife. Within 2 seconds I see my wife’s mouth open and her kiss him back. It was surreal. It was humiliating. It was erotic. It was sexy. I was jealous but I was turned on. I was in absolute awe as I see this happening. They kissed and kissed and it seemed like it was lasting forever.

I couldn’t take my eyes off of them. I was confused to be honest. The humiliation I was feeling was more than I have ever felt in my life, but I’m sitting there more turned on than I have ever been. It’s was such an intense and enjoyable moment that I just soaked it in. Then I see some movement out of the corner of my eye and I look down. I’m now witnessing him move his hand to her bare thigh. I hear her breath catch momentarily and my eyes move up quickly again. She continues to kiss him like nothing happened. I look back down and get to see him slowly reaching under her shorts. Again her breath catches but they continue to kiss.

At this point I notice her arm is on his shoulder but her hand was rigid. It was like she was too nervous to relax and touch him. I don’t know why but my eyes were glued to her hand. I couldn’t look away. Even with them kissing, him slowly working his hand towards her waiting vagina I was mesmerized by her hand. I swear time stood still. Minutes felt like hours. But time was paying off because I slowly saw her hand start to relax and then I saw it. The moment I knew. She slowly started to grip the back of his shoulder. I then see her body move as she took in a deep breath, I look down as his finger obviously finds the right place because her legs open a little more.

He then grabs the leg of her shorts to move them out of the way, and he buries his hand between her legs. After a few short moments my gaze is diverted to my wife’s face by the sound of a muffled moan. As I’m watching my wife slowly breaks the kiss, her head tilts back slightly and she starts moaning more. I watch her face as it twisted about in pleasure. In this moment, my belief that this was the most beautiful woman in the world was confirmed even more. I sat there and was allowed the pleasure of seeing my wife experience her first small orgasm, and it was so beautiful and peaceful, it was so quiet but so loud that I will never forget it.

Literally right after she moves a little and I see her hand on his thigh. I watch as she moves to where she can touch the bulge in his pants. As she touches him again she catches her breath quickly. She immediately reaches for the waist of his pants as he reaches under her shirt to grab her tits and they kiss quickly. He moves to lower his pants, I catch a glimpse of his tip as she is starting to stand up from the couch. Not gonna lie, it looked kinda thick. My wife stands up and removes her shirt and tosses it into my face. I breathe in my wife’s scent as I move her shirt. His pants are now at his knees as my wife has moved to stand in front of him, she bends at her waste and I can tell she has taken him in her mouth. Based on how much she is moving up and down I can tell that he’s got a pretty long cock. I can’t see any of the action because her hand is on his thigh and her arm is blocking my view. But I knew exactly what he was experiencing so I didn’t need to see that at this time.

As she is sucking his cock he’s grabbing her tits. He leans forward and starts to mess with her shorts. She stands up so he can remove her shorts and I notice 2 things that will forever be seared into my mind. First T’s cock is huge! Both long and fat. I then also seen the glisten of her saliva on his cock. I was seriously impressed, she had deep throated 3/4 of this massive monster. Her shorts hit the ground and he moved his hand up to her exposed pussy and the exact moment he touches it he says to her “let’s go to the bed”.

As she’s walking by I wanted to reach out and touch he naked body, but as I was about to her hand moved a little like she was reaching out for him and she just smiled at me. At this moment I knew my place. I sat the in an extreme erotic peace and I happily watched my wife walk into his bedroom with him. From where I was sitting I could see right into his bedroom. I watched as he had her climb onto his bed, he grabbed ahold of her and moved her to where he was standing, slightly bent over the bed and lowered his face between her legs. My view was partially blocked by the foot board. I can see the top of his head, if she moves part of her leg and his body. But I can hear everything. I’m hearing my wife moan from another man eating her pussy, my pussy. He ate her to 4 huge orgasms and on the forth one I saw her throw her leg around him and pull him hard into her. I knew she did it because he said he loves the feel of legs wrapped around him, but also because she was cuming that fucking hard.

He then stood up and I saw him reach in between her legs, and again she starts moaning. He slowly turns to the side a little and I can see him fingering the hell out of her, I can hear how wet she is. Suddenly I hear the loudest moan I have ever heard out of her, it was almost a scream. But then I hear her wetness and you can tell his whole hand is drenched, simply on the sound you know she squirted and his hand blocked most of it from going across the room.

He couldn’t take it anymore and he climbs on the bed between her legs. I can now see most of his back on his right side. I can see part of her left leg and he left side as she is laying on her back. He on his knees in between her legs and I can hear him playing with her clit by the sound of wetness and her moans. I want to move so I can see more but I don’t want to interrupt her experience. At that exact moment I hear her draw in a sharp breath and I look back and see him slowly moving. I know my wife is starting to take his cock. I watch as he slowly pushes forward, I can hear her moans as inch after inch of this massively fat cock slowly takes my wife. I can see him slowly start picking up speed and moving back and forth, I know that this man is slowly picking up speed fucking my beautiful and erotic wife. You know all the bad feelings cucks get when their wife takes that first cock? As I’m watching I feel none of that at all. I still have a few butterflies but those will soon leave. Every bad thought and emotion left me as I watched this man pick up speed to the point of hearing my wife moan out in the pure enjoyment of a huge orgasm. I could still see her leg and I see it shaking.

I then see T scoot forward on his knees a little and I her my wife whimper. He has yet to bury his cock balls deep. He asks my wife “Is my cock to big for you?” My wife again whimpering says “mmhmm.” I then get to witness him slowly pushing further in. I see my wife’s small delicate hand on his thigh, about the moment she starts to whimper in uncomfortableness I see her applying pressure to his thigh. I now riveted on watching her hand again. I see her letting up pressure and him slowly moving forward until her hands applies more pressure. I then watch him start rocking back and forth, her hand again starts to relax and she starts moaning louder. Her hand starts to fall away and T moves forward more until he liked sensed her hand to move and he withdrew a little. I watched as he continued to do this until he thrusts the last inch in and I hear my wife gasp but cry out in another huge orgasm.

T was still on his knees and he took both of my wife’s legs and put them straight up and down on his chest. He then moves a little on the bed and suddenly thrusts his whole huge cock into my wife. She gasps and can tell it kinda hurt her but her cry was filled with lust. He does it again and I here the same thing. I swear every time he pulls everything but the tip out and then slams it into my wife. Every time it sounds like she is having little orgasms. He again slowly picks up the speed of what he is doing until he is pistoning his whole huge fucking cock in and out of her. Every time he is slamming into her she is trying to say something and I’m hearing the slap of his nuts hitting her repeatedly and this is what I hear from her “OH…MY…GO….GO…GOOO…” they louder than I have heard her “FFFUUUCCCKKK”, I see her leg stiffen and he slams in one last time very hard and I just hear an orgasmic cry.

At this point I realize I’m experiencing an amazing calm. A peace. I’m happy and proud. I’m thankful she is able to feel what she is feeling. There is some movement and I think this is the point in which my wife said she thought she made eye contact with me and I was smiling. I remember having a smile on my face, but I was too occupied to remember eye contact. I just remember him making her cum again. Her legs are now lowered again and he starts pounding away again. He suddenly stops right before she cums again and I hear him smack her clit with his hand. Her orgasm stopped or so I thought, he slams into her again and she cums all over his huge cock again!

After her orgasm subsides he starts to move her again. Now I can’t see her at all but I can see he is standing up straight on his knees. From my vantage point I see his left arm reach forward. I can’t see where his hand is but I can tell he’s getting ready to fuck her doggy style. He starts to move forward and stops almost immediately and takes in a quick deep breath. He then tries to back away quickly (found out later he barely got the tip in and stopped and his backing away was because my wife wanted his cock so bad she tried to back onto it) and he says “Nope not that way. I will cum too fast!”

He lays her down on her back, I watch her scoot closer to the edge of the bed. That was her way of trying to give me a better view. He gets in between her legs and lifts them straight up again. This time he wastes no time and starts plowing into my wife until she screams out “OH MY GOD!” Her legs stiffen up, he ass raises up a little off the beds as she has another earth shattering orgasm.

T then spreads her legs and slowly lowers himself so he’s laying on top of my wife. As he slowly starts to move his cock into her I see my wife wrap her arms around his neck. I feel that move was done on purpose, a message to her cuck husband. She knows that one of my bigger humiliations is passion. Right now I can tell she is passionately kissing him as he fucks her. The humiliation was there and it was so intense, but it was the most amazing feeling at the same time. I was lost in this fantastic feeling when I hear “OH MY GOD” again as my wife’s orgasm snapped me back into reality. I focus and see my wife’s back is arched and her head thrown back as she rides out another orgasm.

T didn’t really stop this time and he continues to fuck in and out of her. I see him thrust forward and tense up. I know he is blasting my wife’s insides with his thick cum. He paused for about a minute and started fucking my wife again. The very moment he starts to move my wife sucks in the biggest gasp of air I have ever heard. I see her legs wrap around him harder and pull him in. He continues to thrust in and out of her. She is trying to hold on so tight that her body is almost moving with his, but he is able to still give her long deep thrusts. She gasps in some more air and just screams out this primal lust filled final moan that made me leak a steady stream of precum for a good minute. I knew my panties were soaked. As T rolls off of her she lets out this little whimper that told anyone that heard it that she wanted his cock back in her. They laid there silently for a moment. I was smiling.

I could here the quietly chatting. She giggles a few times and I see her start to get out of the bed. I’m going to try to describe this next part, but I don’t think I have the vocabulary ability to do this justice. My wife stands up and turns towards the door and me. My wife is very self conscious and normally when naked she is kinda slumped and you can tell she is uncomfortable. The woman walking towards me is standing tall, her walk is confident. Her face shows how proud she is with they beautiful smile. He makes eye contact with me the moment she had started to turn. Those 10 steps she took were the most majestic steps ever witnessed. She came and stood right in front of me. Our gaze was still locked. I moved to reach forward to touch her and her smile got even bigger.

She holds her hand out and says “shirt”. I hand her the shirt I was still clutching in my left hand. She takes her shirt but instead she walks over to the kitchen counter naked, get a drink, walks back naked and stands right in front of me again. As she put on her shirt I look at her thighs right by her pussy. They are basically dry, maybe a little sweat but nothing like I was expecting. I figured she would be leaking big time. She goes over and gets her shorts on. She comes over to get her hoodie from me and then I hand her her phone. Wait her phone. I had the phone the whole time and no pictures or videos.

We leave and as we are walking to our car I stop her on the steps and kiss her. I have to kiss her. I have to feel her. I need to taste her. She tastes different but I admit I like it. From the time I get into the car until the time we pull into the house is a massive fog. I mean I know words were said. I can’t not tell you what any of them were. We get home and rush upstairs. We strip naked, well I have to keep my black thong panties on. She lays onto the bed and spreads her legs. I lower myself down in between her legs. The outside of her pussy is so swollen. Even in the limited light I could see her pussy lips were so red they were almost purple. But strangely it appeared way drier than I expected. I saw no visible signs of his cum. Maybe I got lucky and either he didn’t cum much or it was all inside her shorts and on my car seats.

I am so zoned in that I don’t even know if anything was said. I lowered my head so my nose was at the very top of her slit. I took a deep slow breath of air through my nose. My body stiffens and shakes a little. Strangely that feels just like the dry anal orgasms I have when my wife is pegging me. I exhale and again slowly inhale their scent again. Again my body betrays me and I have that same reaction but stronger. I push my face into her mound and inhale again. I’m fully intoxicated at this moment. I can’t stand it anymore I have got to taste her. I’ve got to let her know I lover her and she is still mine.

I spread her mound open, her legs wrap around my head and rest on my back. Side note here. The first time she has ever wrapped her legs around someone’s neck was when T was eating her out. And she did that because T told her he loves when a woman wraps her legs around his neck and back, back to the story. I stick out my tongue to make a long lick up her pussy. My trip lasted about a quarter of the distance I had envisioned. I had to put my tongue back in my mouth. Oh my god this is too much so I swallow. I realize as I swallow that I found their juices. Enough that a small swipe of my tongue made me have to swallow. My wife knows I absolutely hate cum. I hate the feel of cum. I cum on myself I immediately have to clean it off. But now hear I am and I can feel cum of the sides of my mouth. I have a choice to make and it was quite simple. After all my wife has given me tonight I have this massive need to show her how much I liked it and how much I still wanted her and loved her. I dove right back in and went to town. I kept scooping up as much of their love nectar as I could and swallowed all of it. I honestly couldn’t get enough. She was sore from his big cock so she had to stop be before I could get her off. She was just too tender. As I look her in the eyes she says “I love you my cum eating panty wearing cuck turtle. I tensed up so bad there was no denying I was having what we call dry orgasm. It was so intense that I almost came in my panties but I had to hold out. There was one humiliating thing I HAD to go through.

My wife and I had always planned that every time she got fucked by a bull, I had to get fucked by her big cock and I have to finish by cuming on her big cock as she tells me her version of cuming on his cock. She was too tired to fuck me, but she pulled my thong aside, pushed her cock in and rolled me on my back. The moment she touched my penis I was immediately on the edge of cuming. She was rubbing my penis while he was still in his panties. She started talking about them fucking and in what felt like a matter of seconds she was talking about how she came on his cock right after he came in her because he came in her. I stiffened then my body pulled my legs towards me and I came harder and longer that I ever have in my life. I came so much that she was so shocked she took a pic. I laid there and realized this was my proper place. I am proud to say that I am my Queens Cum Eating Panty Wearing Cuck Turtle. Right now……..I’m still smiling.

I love you my Hotwife Queen! @ u/TurtlesQueen420