Welcome to worshipHer.org

A safe place for those practicing or considering engaging in Cuckoldry as a Healthy form of Ethical Non-monogamy.

Whether you identify as a Bull, Cuckold/Stag, Hotwife/Vixen/Cuckoldress or even a Cuckqueen/Cuckquean, Hot Husband, or Cuckcake you are in the right place to learn healthy ways to express this fascinating kink.

If you have no idea what any of those mean but you enjoy sharing your Significant Other without the need for seeking out other partners for yourself then you are also in the right place to learn about Cuckolding.


As a man who had always been into the idea of MFM threesomes, once I found a partner that loved the idea we became a practicing Stag & Vixen couple even before either of us knew what Cuckolding was. Being a Sexual Psychology buff with a penchant for getting overzealous about Online Communities I set out to learn everything I could and boy did I find a LOT of stuff, and a LOT of differing opinions on what Cuckolding was, or what was the “Right Way”.

What I also noticed was there was very little focus on the HEALTHY way to introduce this to a relationship or use it to enhance the intimacy that is already there. Thus, worshipHer.org was born. Six months of further research and we were ready to go live and hopefully bring a wealth of knowledge about how to enjoy this Kink / Fetish / LifeStyle in a healthy way with the partner you Love.