Bulls vs “bulls”

SINGLE GUYS WHO WANT TO BE BULLS: You are in great demand! You literally can have your cake and eat it too if you put some work and effort into learning. Please read single male forums & blogs, listen to podcasts, watch youtube videos. There’s too many resources available for so many of you to be completely clueless. The Keys and Anklets podcast is an incredible resource for you all and literally will help you find great success quickly. The Hotwife/Cuckold/Stag Vixen is the fastest-growing segment of the lifestyle….so get your game right.

Of the Pool of men out there called “Bulls”, 1/10 are Legit, another 2/10 are close but don’t fully get it, and the other 7/10 are fuckboys. You know who you are…. a mix of 2 pump chumps, those who think Aggression = Dominance, Selfish Douches, A case of Performance Anxiety waiting to happen, Cheaters, Trolls, Flakes, etc. That Group PLUS about 50% of the ones who are close don’t know when to be dominant, and whom to be dominant with, meaning at least 75% of men claiming to be Bull’s struggle with that.

Please realize that AGGRESSION ? DOES NOT ? EQUAL DOMINANCE. And even if you’ve got the Dominant part down, Realize NOT ALL HOTWIVES OR VIXENS WANT TO BE DOMINATED.